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Cape Town School of Football is an academy situated in Langa, a township of Cape Town. We develop World class football players. We provide a steady and regular training programme, based on the concept of modern football as developed by the Dutch, to amateur football players. The School provides a home base for the training activities of amateur football players around the City of Cape Town Municipal Area. Boys and girls from disadvantaged communities around Cape Town and Western Cape learn life skills such as leadership, honesty, discipline, teamwork, fairness and goal setting through – football.
There is no other sport in the World as popular as football as well as in South Africa in terms of participation and as a spectator sport event. In 1996 the South African National Soccer team Bafana Bafana became the Champions of African Football and were ranked high on the World FIFA rankings but from as early as the turn of the new millennium our National Team was already on a downward spiral, the standard has dropped. It is an open secret that our strikers are unable to score goals. We have a problem with issues of discipline with most of players, which has cut shot careers of some of the most talented players to ever appear on our soccer scene in South Africa.

In the Western Cape we only have three professional sides. The Townships last witnessed top class football when it was at its highest peak in the 70s until the late 1980s. During this period township football executives had their strength on the football pitch and because they were administratively weak, the unification of the early 1990s saw the dissolution of LAGUNYA FA which was a custodian of township football. Faced with all the problems associated with gangsters, violence, crime and drugs are taking over our communities and township football has become less popular as compared with the past. Yet it is our understanding that football is a sport which could readily enhance social cohesion and should be promoted.

Redevelopment of the local football game is a long – term process but we have the potential to re – gain our leading position in Africa as in the past. Like in other successful cases elsewhere, we should develop a progressive and systematic youth football training programme. The focus of the academy is to provide an avenue through which boys and girls from disadvantaged communities around Cape Town and Western Cape can learn life skills such as discipline, teamwork, goal setting and leadership through an activity they can actively relate to – football. It is our intention to develop a steady supply of young talent to the local Premier Soccer League, 1ST, 2ND 3RD division clubs as well as to the World football market. It is our hope that by providing an outlet for their energy and talent, the academy will keep children off the streets and channel their energy into activities that will help develop their character as future leaders in their own communities. As such, it is the objective of the Cape Town School of Football to establish itself as a top producer of World class football players.
• To divert the youth from anti social and self -
  destructive activities by orientating them in
  sporting activities.

• To support the development of township
  football players in their endeavour to reach
  their highest level of development.

• To provide a developmental pathway for the
  young boys and girls to move up the ladder
  from beginners’ training up to professional
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